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Our goal

Bestrijden van eenzaamheid

Fighting against loneliness

By putting the elderly in their strength and stimulating what they are good at. Are you coming to eat with us? Sign up to stay informed of our activities or like us on Facebook.

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Voorkomen van eenzaamheid

Preventing loneliness

By linking the elderly to guests and other elderly, the elderly get a larger social network. Do you want someone to cook with us? Pass it on via our contact page.

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Onder de aandacht brengen van eenzaamheid

Getting attention to the problem

There still is a taboo when speaking about loneliness. There are many types of loneliness and we try to get attention for them. See how we do that? Go to our press page.

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How we're reaching our goal?

Oma's Pop-up started as a school project. Now as a foundation, we organise evenings where elderly are connected to guests while serving a traditional Dutch dish. The elderly cook for the guests and then sit between them to stimulate social contact. Usually we organised these evening for guests, but at this time we mostly organise business diners on request.

Hopefully we could organise more and more evenings to prevent loneliness and connect elderly between themselves and guests of the diners. Can you help us? Visit our contact page and send me a message!

Got your own company? Or are you looking for a fancy diner and want to prevent loneliness? Contact us via our contact page.